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SDH Tuesday SoccerCast: NPSL SE Quarterfinal InterNashville FC vs. Chattanooga FC

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It’s playoff time, y’all and we start in the NPSL Southeast

Inter Nashville visits Fort Finley for the right to go to New Orleans and the NPSL SE Semi-Finals…

Kickoff 7:30 and pre-game before that…

Enjoy, y’all!


SDH Saturday SoccerCast: Inter Nashville vs. Asheville City SC

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Part of the SoccerCast line-up for Saturday has been announced…

Pre-game starts at 7 PM EDT and it’s the last regular season match for Mystery Soccer Theater 3000 as Inter Nashville tries to solidify their playoff position in the western half of the South region against a team trying to do the same in the east in Asheville City.

Kickoff is at 730PM

Enjoy, y’all!

NPSL South Region Week 18 Review/Preview

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In the Heartland, last week Ozark FC (6pts, 6th SEASON COMPLETE)  jumped up again and bit someone. This time, it was Little Rock just as FC Wichita beat Demize

and Tulsa Athletic beat Dallas City FC.

This week,  the last week of the regular season has FC Wichita (22pts, 1st) hosting Dallas City. Tulsa Athletic (13pts, 4th) hosts Little Rock (16pts, 2nd) and Dallas City (13pts, 3rd) hosts Demize (7pts, 5th) for the last match of the season.

In the Lone Star, Shreveport Rafters had a split week- winning against Tyler FC and losing at Dutch Lions.

Houston Regals also lost at home to Fort Worth Vaqueros.

This week, Tyler (2pts, 6th) is at Midland-Odessa (18pts, 2nd) and hosts Vaqueros. Rafters (10pts, 4th) also host Dutch Lions (20pts, 1st) and Vaqueros (16pts, 3rd) host Regals (8pts, 5th).

In the Southeast, 7 teams are chasing six spots and it will come down to the last day of the regular season to decide Tuesday’s playoff locations. Last week, New Orleans won at the Silverbacks

and at home against Inter Nashville to clinch the west. Memphis City stayed in step with a win at Birmingham as CFC split their week with a big 7-0 over the Georgia Revolution and a 2-1 loss at home against Inter. The point of contention for CFC fans was this goal in the 65th that was reversed. Mad Kemp has the look at the turning point.

Asheville City drew in a water slide of a match with FCCU at ones. Here’s MST3K on the call…

Knoxville Force also won in the week with a win over the Revs. Above and Beyond has the highlights

This week, the East is decided with Knoxville, the Silverbacks, and Asheville City in. The Revs (3pts, 10th) play at the Silverbacks (17pts, 5th) and Asheville City (15pts, 7th) hosts Inter Nashville. If Atlanta wins, they’re the two-seed. If Asheville wins and get some Revs help, they’re the two-seed. Knoxville (23pts, 2nd) awaits the winner. And they’re at Memphis City (16pts, 6th).

In the west, Chattanooga FC (19pts, 3rd) needs a point against FC Carolina United (6pts, 8th) to go in and eliminate Memphis City. Inter Nashville (19pts, 4th) is brought back into the discussion for the 2 and 3-seed with some help. New Orleans Jesters (25pts, 1st) are the top in the west and host Birmingham (5pts, 9th).

In the Sunshine, it’s still Miami United and Fusion as the one and two. Last week, Fusion won twice (27pts, 1st)- 6-0 over Boca Raton. Here’s Sportsmesh’s look…

and 1-0 over Naples. Miami United also beat Naples 3-0. Sportsmesh tv has the highlights again…

Naples, however, did get a 2-2 draw with Beaches

and Kraze brought Jacksonville Armada U23 to the pack with as 4-2 win.

This week is the next to last week in the regular season and starts with Kraze (15pts, 3rd) hosting Boca and Beaches. Boca (6pts, 5th) also has some mid-week action hosting Naples and Beaches (5pts, 6th) Wednesday. The Armada (14pts, 4th) host United (22pts, 2nd) and Naples (4pts, 7th) host Fusion Saturday night.

NPSL Southern Region 5/10-16 Review Preview

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And, now, the Southeast is getting underway in full in and around US Open Cup competitions…

In the Heartland, the 2-2 draw last week between Little Rock and Dallas City started it all…

This week, Ozark FC hosts Tulsa Athletic and FC Wichita hosts the Rangers.

The Lonestar Conference starts with a handful of matches: Houston Regals host Shreveport and the Vaqueros host Tyler FC. On the 18th, Midland-Odessa FC host Regals as well.

The Southeast got underway in earnest with the surprise of the weekend being the Birmingham Hammers 2-1 road win at Atlanta Silverbacks.

Asheville City got their first win in team history with a 2-1 victory at home against the Georgia Revolution. The folks at Soccer Down Here Daily absolutely love the play-by-play

The other match had Inter Nashville get their first-ever win 4-1 over FC Carolina United. This weekend, the Silverbacks are busy- at home Friday against FCCU and at the Revolution Saturday. Birmingham hosts Inter Nashville. Memphis City hosts Asheville City, New Orleans Jesters host Chattanooga FC, and Wednesday FCCU host Knoxville Force.

The Sunshine Conference has trickled in a schedule. Miami United has won twice, 1-0, in the past two weeks over Boca Raton FC and Naples United FC. Miami Fusion shut out Jacksonville Armada U-23 side, 2-0 as well. Sportsmesh TV has the match…

This week, Boca hosts Kraze United before Kraze goes to Miami United Sunday. Armada host Naples and Beaches FC hosts Boca on Wednesday.