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NPSL Southeast Week 16 Review/Preview

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In the Heartland, a lot of split weeks in the conference… Little Rock shut out FC Wichita, but they came back and knocked off Tulsa 2-1 mid-week. Here’s the KSN highlights…

Tulsa Athletic knocked off Demize 3-1 earlier in the week

and, then, Demize rebounded with a mid-week win over Ozark FC as did Dallas City FC.

This week, Ozark (0pts, 6th) hosts Little Rock (13pts, 1st) and Joplin (4pts, 5th). Wichita (13pts, 1st) hosts Demize and Tulsa (10pts, 3rd) hosts Dallas City (10pts, 3rd).

In the Lonestar, Dutch Lions had a 4-point week with a 6-3 win over Tyler FC

And a 2-2 draw with Regals. Regals also lost to Midland-Odessa, 2-0, while Vaqueros and Rafters had a goalless draw.

This week, Rafters (4pts, 5th) host Regals (8pts, 4th) and Tyler. Midland-Odessa (18pts, 1st) host Dutch Lions (14pts, 2nd) and Tyler (2pts, 6th) also host Vaqueros (13pts, 3rd).

In the Southeast, it’s a logjam with seven teams separated by 6 points.  The Atlanta Silverbacks had a bus break down on the way to Asheville, made it just in time, and shared points with ACSC. Here’s MST3K’s broadcast…

And Chattanooga FC is at a gaggle of teams at 13 points with two more wins. Here’s Mad Kemp’s look at the last-minute winner over Memphis City with Danny Reynolds

And, then, the completion of the suspended match from a month ago that ended up in a 5-0 win over Birmingham

Inter Nashville and New Orleans are at 13 points as well. Jesters drew at Memphis City

Knoxville Force (14pts, 2nd) also knocked off Birmingham, 3-2, and FC Carolina United beat the Georgia Revs, 3-1, at Queens.

This week, the biggest match is when Asheville (11pts, 6th) visits Atlanta. Chattanooga FC has FC Carolina United (5pts, 8th) visiting before a trip to Memphis City (10pts, 7th) mid-week. Knoxville hosts the Revs (3pts, 10th) and the Hammers (4pts, 9th) after their trip to Inter Nashville. And Memphis City visits New Orleans- weather permitting.

In the Sunshine, it’s still Miami Fusion (18pts, 1st) and Miami United (16pts, 2nd). Fusion beat Boca Raton, 4-2

Sportsmesh TV has the match

United beat Beaches, 3-1, and Sportsmesh was there as well…

Kraze United shut out Naples United FC as well. This week, Beaches (3pts, 6th) is at Jacksonville Armada (13pts, 3rd) and Naples United (0pts, 7th) mid-week. Miami Fusion hosts Kraze (12pts, 4th) and Miami United at Boca Raton FC (6pts, 5th).

Saturday SDH SoccerCast: Atlanta Silverbacks vs. Asheville City SC

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It’s a double-header,choose your match-up for the Saturday SoccerCast

Over here at Soccer Down Here, it’s one NPSL Southeast Conference go-round as Asheville City hosts East Divisionleader Atlanta at 7:30EDT


Over at OSG Sports website is the game at Fort Finley with Chattanooga FC and Inter Nashville FC- kickoff is 730 there as well…

Enjoy, y’all!

NPSL Southeast Week 15 Review/Preview

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Last week, in the Heartland Conference, FC Wichita put up 5 on Ozark FC.

Little Rock and Tulsa drew at ones.

This week, Demize (4pts, 5th) host Ozark (0pts, 6th) and goes to Tulsa (7pts, 3rd). FC Wichita (13pts, 1st) goes to Little Rock (10pts, 2nd) and hosts Tulsa. Dallas City (7pts, 3rd) also host Ozark on Saturday.

In the Lonestar,  Dutch Lions got two 3-1 wins- over Fort Worth

and Midland-Odessa. Houston Regals shut out Tyler FC and Midland-Odessa beat Shreveport.

This week, the Lions (10pts, 3rd) host Tyler (2pts, 6th) before going to Regals (7pts, 4th). Houston also hosts Midland-Odessa (15pts, 1st) and Vaqueros (12pts, 2nd) host Rafters (3pts, 5th).

In the Southeast, the Atlanta Silverbacks put up more numbers with a 4-1 win at Knoxville. New Orleans Jesters had a big week- two draws with Inter Nashville and Chattanooga… here’s the equalizer at Fort Finley

Add that with a win over Birmingham. CFC also beat the Hammers last week. Here’s MadKemp’s look at the match…

Memphis City won at Asheville City, 2-1, combined with a Blues draw against the Georgia Revs. Above and Beyond has the highlights…

Inter Nashville also won 1-0 over FC Carolina United.

This week, the Silverbacks (15pts, 1st) are in Asheville (10pts, 5th). Chattanooga (7pts, 7th) host Inter Nashville and Birmingham mid-week in between two Hammers (4pts, 8th) home matches with Knoxville (11pts, 4th) and Atlanta. New Orleans (12pts, 3rd) are at Memphis (9pts, 6th) before a home game with Inter Nashville (13pts, 2nd). FCCU (2pts, 10th) also wraps up with a match with the Revs (3pts, 9th).

And, in the Sunshine, Miami United (13pts, 1st) had a split week- losing to Kraze (9pts, 4th)- sportsmesh has the highlights

before beating Beaches FC. Miami Fusion (12pts, 2nd) beat Beaches as well

and Jacksonville Armada U23 beat Boca Raton (6pts, 5th)

This week, Armada (10pts, 3rd) host Kraze before they host Naples (0pts, 7th). Miami Fusion host Boca and United host Beaches (3pts, 6th).

NPSL Week 13 Southeast Review/Preview

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In the South Conference, this is where we think some of the most competitive soccer will be played all spring and summer…

Starting in the Southeast, it’s crowded and there’s a lot of offense on the table…

There are six teams separated by six points. Atlanta Silverbacks are on top with 9 points, then the gaggle breaks in. Inter Nashville, Knoxville, and Asheville City are at 8. New Orleans Jesters are at 7. Chattanooga FC are at 5. Birmingham Hammers are at 4, Memphis City have 3, FC Carolina United have 2 and the Georgia Revolution have 1 point.

Last week, Atlanta shut out Knoxville before the Force put 5 on FCCU. Esportesnet has the highlights…

Scruffy City Syndicate has the five-spot from Sansom. FCCU lost the sandwich game in their week, 3-2, to Asheville City.

Inter Nashville and Memphis City had a scoreless draw and the Jesters beat the Revs, 1-0.

This week, Silverbacks are at FCCU and Knoxville. Inter Nashville host Asheville and New Orleans. Memphis City hosts Birmingham before going to Asheville. The Revs host Chattanooga FC Saturday before CFC’s Thursday match in Birmingham.

In the Lonestar, it’s still Midland-Odessa and Vaqueros at 9 points. Houston Regals are next at 4. Tyler FC have 2, Dutch Lions 1, and the Shreveport Rafters are looking for their first points.

Last week, Midland-Odessa beat Vaqueros, 2-1…

And had a feature done on them by the folks over at Inside View

Tyler and Dutch Lions drew at 2 and the Lions have the highlights there…

This week, Midland-Odessa goes to Vaqueros and Tyler FC. Lions host Regals and Tyler hosts the Rafters.

The Heartland is still a big jumble with five teams within five points of each other. Little Rock Rangers are at 9 points with FC Wichita at 7 points, Tulsa Athletic at 6, Dallas City at 4, and Joplin’s Demize at 4 points. Ozark FC is still looking for their first positive result of the season.

Last week, Rangers beat Dallas City and drew Demize. Demize also beat Tulsa and Dallas City. FC Wichita also beat Ozark FC. This week, Ozark hosts Dallas City and Tulsa host Wichita.

Finally in the Sunshine, it’s still the two Miami franchises and everyone else. United leads Fusion by 3 points (12-9). Armada U-23 and Boca Raton FC are at 6. Beaches and Kraze United are at 3 points and Naples United have lost their first four matches.

Last week, Miami United beat Beaches 1-0. Sportsmesh tv has the match…

Boca beat Naples 3-1 and Joseph Alas did a gameday vlog on playing against his old team…

Sportsmesh also has the Armada-Fusion match where Fusion won, 3-1.

This week, Naples plays at Boca and home to Beaches. Kraze host Fusion and United host Armada.

SDH SoccerCast For 5/17: Asheville City SC-Tri Cities Otters

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It’s a mid-week version of the Soccer Down Here/OSG Sports SoccerCast and it’s a friendly this time as the Tri-Cities Otters (Jason’s favorite logo and kit for 2017) visit Asheville City to take on their Hi-Wire Act…


Starting an avalanche in Asheville


(Credit: @AshevilleCitySC)

Ryan Kelley joined the SDH Daily show this morning to tell us about Asheville City’s inaugural season in the NPSL this summer. Thanks to Ryan for answering a few more questions for us…

Jon Nelson:  What gave you all the idea to start ACSC?

Ryan Kelley:  I read Dennis Crowley’s article in May. I am a fairly avid soccer follower and I was completely ignorant of the game at this level. The more I learned, the more I was surprised that this didn’t yet exist in Asheville. I sent the article to my close circle of friends that I grew up with and we setup a time to meet and discuss the potential. We were intrigued from the beginning, but I think the moment we decided to go for it was the moment we learned that the most successful club at this level was nearby Chattanooga, a city that has so much in common with Asheville from a demographic and cultural standpoint.

JN:  At the same time, I read that you also reached out to Foursquare developer (and Kingston Stockade FC owner) Dennis Crowley about starting the franchise, what were those conversations like and about?

RK:  We actually didn’t speak with or meet Dennis until the NPSL Owners Meeting in December. When we met we let him know that we were there in large part because of him. It was a cool moment. We have developed a good portion of our club philosophy from him. We want the United States to win the World Cup before we die, and we see Asheville City as our “think global (or national, in this instance), act local” response to that challenge. As was referenced in a recent Yahoo Sports article, we are a rock in the avalanche.

JN:  Why the NPSL and not another league? What suited you about their approach to the sport and growing it?

RK:  There were a few things that attracted us to the NPSL. First, Asheville has a thriving adult league, ABASA, and we didn’t want to alienate that group by locking ourselves into a U23 structure. Second, we like the autonomy and member-driven structure that the NPSL provides. We are free to build and grow the club in the way that we envision.

JN:  What’s the response been like in town? And for those not aware, what’s the soccer culture like in western Carolina?

RK:  The response has been phenomenal. We were embraced by local soccer associations, youth and adult, in the early stages. This is no small feat compared to what others have experienced elsewhere, which I attribute to the typical Asheville mentality: we are all here working toward the same goal, to grow the game, and we all have roles to play in that mission. Many clubs face the initial challenge of teaching their community to love the game or to find market share with other major sports. That is not the case here, Asheville already loves and supports the game which is on display in its thriving associations and tournaments.

JN:  Expectations for Year One?

RK:  We want to make the playoffs, which we think is a realistic goal. We will be bringing in a lot of collegiate talent from the region and beyond, which is another critical piece of our philosophy on how to raise the level of play over time. We want the best of the best locally training and playing in a competitive environment with the best talent that we can attract from elsewhere. We also want to see our jerseys all over the city… we are taking another page out of Chattanooga’s playbook and offering our jersey as our season ticket; anyone wearing one will walk through the gates for all of our games. We just unveiled the design complete with our title sponsor, local (within walking distance) Hi-Wire Brewing, and we will be having a launch party on March 30th for season ticket holders to get their hands on them for the first time. They are on sale now at

JN:  So, then, how would you perceive the franchise’s growth over the next little while? How would you like to grow and evolve as a franchise?

RK:  We spent a lot of time working with Chattanooga FC and we think their approach to this question is ideal. They talk about growing out into the community as opposed to growing up, which most people associate with moving to NASL/USL/MLS etc. Of course everyone has their eyes on the pyramid and the idea of moving up is enticing, but our growth goals focus on incorporating more and more of the Asheville and larger Western North Carolina communities into ACSC. We still need to get our first season under our belt, but we are working on these pieces and plan to make several significant announcements this year.

JN:  If there’s one message for other people who might want to take the route into ownership of sports franchises like you have, what would it be?

RK:  Contact us. If we can help, we will. We were inspired by someone who took the time to write it all down for the benefit of the game in this country. We want to keep the momentum building and get a few more rocks added to the avalanche. It is hard work that can sometimes force you out of your comfort zone, but it is legitimately fun.