The Monday Rear View: Get Back…



The short answer is: “Get Back…”

After six of seven on the road, it’s time for the Concrete and Cherry Pie kits to be put away more often than not…

And, prevailing opinion taking hold here, the team might be a week or two away from being at full song since the Minnesota United match- and we all know how that went. First things first, though, congratulations to The Ol’ 2-4 for this moment in Portland

Going deeper here… it’s something that the side can file away as an interesting wrinkle to the line-up. With Gressel and Almiron switching places on this run- Gressel inside and Almiron out- it gave the opportunity that created the goal. The defense went with Almiron as Gressel leaked in behind and shot with his left.


And you have to give it up for keeper Alec Kann, who is making it very difficult for Brad Guyzan when he shows up- even as United asked if Middlesbrough would let him go early… and they STILL said “no” after being relegated…

The fans didn’t want him around any more, did they, after 2 nutmegs in the 3-0 loss to Chelsea…???

But back to Kann… four more saves to boost his total to 34 and this one late kept it tied at ones… thanks to the Timbers their own selves…

Possession was taking advantage of the situation in the midfield left by the absence of Darlington Nagbe and Atlanta showed patience and pace. Just “SHOOT,” okay…???

But Adi made no friends on the Atlanta side with this page out of the Maradona playbook: Hashtag “Sistine Chapel”

And Alan Kelly made no friends- especially after not calling… what’s the word we’re looking for… oh, yeah… “A LOT!”

And that’s one of the more tame responses… Here’s the highlights to watch stuff for yourself, thanks to ESPN and MLS their own selves…

And, if you want to itemize the whole match go here- until it gets pulled…

The match with Houston could be FIFA 17 revisited with all the speed around- Quioto, Elis, Manotas, and Cubo Torres versus Atlanta…

Find your seat belts, y’all…


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