The Monday Rear View: Swim Move Or Red Card…???

To use the word “gut check” seems to be a little trite…

But there is something to admit, when Atlanta United went a man down, the team got a little sand in the cleats of Big Red and got out of town with a 2-2 draw…

((HT: MLS))

Two draws on the road in two tough environments- and two roadtrips to go in two more tough environments- Montreal and Rio Tinto…

But with the absence of Yamil Asad (and the #FreeYamil hashtag wandering around already even if the suspension is stuck at only one match- as it really should…), it will be interesting to see how the team lines up in a winnable match against a team that looks like the middle of the field is not their friend so far this season.

Winless in their first five and only playing their second match at home all season, Stade Saputo is one of those places that can come up and bite you. They should be without Marco Donadel who picked up a red on his own in the Impact match against the LA Galaxy- a possible turning point in that match as well.

Don’t think that the team can just go into Saputo and come out with three points…

You know what it feels like, Dear Reader, when you’re only in the middle of something that’s going to be a drag. You look for the end of the road…

Can’t do that this week or next if you think that you can beat an internal goal before your task started… Can you…? Especially if you’re in the top half above the red line…

We’ll see how they respond… One last thing…

Here’s the question that has been burning up every Atlanta United social media element since it went down…???

SDH’s Jarrett Smith called this a “swim move.”

The refs called it a red card… what say you…???


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