The Monday Rear View: Who Saw That Coming…???

Show of hands…

(That’s what we thought…)

One becomes a red card which, eventually, becomes two, three, and four…

So, what do we take from this…???

The easy takeaway is that Atlanta United is a good soccer club. But, understand, there are some variables in play here- playing a poor Minnesota United side, and a 10-man Chicago side for starters. The greater understanding of the team will come in the upcoming road trip…

Possibly short-handed to a Seattle side at the end of the international break as they took care of Red Bulls late Sunday night… and it’s not lost on SDH that the Sounders might have some gaps as well…
((HT: Sounders/FS1/MLS))

Combine that with two Canadian trips, and a visit to Rio Tinto to play a tough Real Salt Lake side, and it presents some unique challenges. But, we have seen the depth and the pieces come together- with early Rookie of the Year candidate consideration for “Count” Julian Gressel (or the “Panzer” as other SDH’ers suggest).

We take you back to last week, thanks to CPB and PBS

The Atlanta United roster was built with a flexibility and versatility that others may not have on a case-by-case basis- which will help in situations like international breaks and injuries (just block that last word out of your mind if you’re reading as a fan…)

So, enjoy the ladder as it sits currently…

One final act before we go… some encouragement from the team…

VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! on this goal brought to you by Filthy McFilthyson aka Josef Martinez (or “J-Mart as is catching on…”)

So, Dear Reader, here’s where you participate…

What will you take from your first three matches with the Five Stripes…??? Fan support (which has been off the charts, by the way, and you are all to be applauded…), goals, players, winning, snow…???

Let us know in all the platforms around… Facebook, Twitter, website… join us all over and be a part of the conversation all season long…

Share your thoughts as this is always a two-way street… for your… wait for it…


(Now, how did that feel to say out loud…???)

Play it safe, everyone…we’ll see you on the pitch…


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