William Carey Moves Forward After EF3 Tornado

(ed. note- this story also appears at the SDH sister site, OSG Sports)

Bottom line, here’s the damage to campus- the second time in four years- as a tornado plowed through Hattiesburg, Mississippi three weeks back…

((HT: Mississippi Insurance Department))

Here’s the full story over where we interviewed Athletics Director DJ Pulley and coaches and players from the soccer teams:


Here’s the campus update on where things are proceeding going forward, thanks to our friends at WDAM-TV:

The university will lose five buildings on campus from the Jan. 21 tornado. The buildings slated for demolition include COM anatomy lab building, Lucile Parker Gallery/Tuscan Avenue apartments, Ross and Johnson Halls and Tatum Court.

(ed. note- the University was able to recover close to 600 pieces of art even as the Gallery took a direct hit- it is the largest collection of art found anywhere in the state)

According to the university, engineers are already planning for new dorms and a new Tatum Court.

Move-in date

By Feb. 20, dorms and several classroom buildings should be open for students. The following dorms are scheduled to be complete by Feb. 20: Braswell, Byrd, Futral, Davis, Bass, Polk, Brant and the Penton apartment, which houses 739 students. A move-in date is not set, but the university said it will keep students updated.

Spring trimester plans

According to WCU, the class schedule for the spring will remain the same, but classroom locations will change. Faculty is currently working on classroom assignments and could have an initial schedule ready this week. Some classes will continue to meet at other locations or online.

Buildings scheduled to be open on Feb. 20 include Fairchild, Smith, the School of Nursing, COM 1, Mary Ross Hall, Thomas Building, the art studio on Cherry Street, McMillan and Wilkes Hall and the library.

Lawrence Hall will house faculty offices, administration offices and classrooms.

COM and PT classes will continue to meet at Southern Miss throughout the trimester, and music classes will meet at Hardy Street Baptist Church. Transportation will be available from campus to the church.

A tornado recovery page has been set up on the WCU website with updates and information.

And here’s a little something to keep an eye on if you’re interested, thanks to the university their own selves:

SDH will be keeping an eye on all this as we go forward…


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