Chattanooga FC helps build more futsal fields in their community


(Credit: Chattanooga FC)

The Chattanooga FC Foundation, in conjunction with other local foundations, will be opening a second set of futsal fields at Highland Park Commons. The groundbreaking for the new fields will be on Wednesday, February 1. U.S. national team players and coaches will be on hand to celebrate the occasion ahead of their game at Finley Stadium on Friday.

The Highland Park Commons facility was developed in 2011 with prominent support from Chattanooga’s Maclellan Foundation. The facility serves the community and has a mix of free play and league programming. Use of the existing fields demonstrated a huge demand for more, and the Chattanooga community is making that happen.

Jonathan Dreiling, director of Highland Park Commons, said:

“The Highland Park Commons have been serving their local neighborhood since its opening in 2011 by creating space for a diverse and healthy community to flourish. Through a vital partnership with the Chattanooga Football Club Foundation in 2015 we have been able to continue the vision with a renewed spirit. Now, through generous donations from the Maclellan Foundation, continued local partnerships and vibrant community involvement we are blessed to announce the ground breaking of this new facility. We are excited to have this opportunity furnished by the Maclellan, Benwood, and Lyndhurst Foundations and look forward to great things ahead.”

For more information on Highland Park Commons, visit their website.


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