Soccer down here?

Atlanta Chiefs’ president Dick Cecil said this about a game in 1967 where two Chiefs players were red carded and the team almost came back from a 3-0 deficit with nine players:

“There were these nice suburban mothers standing on the seats screaming at the referee, and I was just dumbfounded at the emotion that was coming out; these very reserved Southern women, they just lost it. And as I said, anything that can create that kind of emotion has got a place in our society.”

For many of us down here, soccer is our passion. It bring us together. It is a way of life for us. For me, soccer has put food on my table, it has been the source of professional accomplishments, and it has been the main thing that has brought amazing people into my life.

Soccer in the South is thriving today. With Atlanta United poised to be the most successful expansion club launch in Major League Soccer, the region now has a fulcrum. But Atlanta United is not all that’s going on down here, the region has successful professional clubs in the second division. The number of clubs at the amateur and semi-pro levels is staggering, and expanding faster than any other part of the country. Youth soccer is growing all over the South. Amazing community initiatives are using the sport for social change. Anyone who thinks that the South doesn’t get soccer is sorely mistaken.

Here, we will tell the stories of soccer in the South. We will provide expert commentary. We will bring you information and analysis that you can’t get anywhere else. Some people think soccer down here won’t work, we know that it will. Join us for the ride.

On my end, you will still be able to find me at Dirty South Soccer. I’ll be in charge of The Daily Dirt going forward, and the Wednesday night Facebook Live chats will continue. I’ll be writing here as well, along with a growing cast of characters, covering Atlanta United and soccer in the South. Stay tuned for some exciting news on the radio/podcast side very shortly.

Thanks to all of you who read and listen to my soccer coverage, and I hope you follow along on this new journey and project.


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